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In the Summer of 2020, adventurist will motorcycle across Asia (9,000 miles through 12 countries) with the goal of raising $200,000 for people and organizations that are rescuing and helping victims of human/sex trafficking.  Although the Ride Against Human Trafficking, is our stated goal, our route across Asia will lead us into many people groups where we desire to make first contact and secure invitations to return.

Around the world the motorcycle is a non-threatening tool to vulnerability and starting conversation. In many ways it is an universal language. There are no doors to hide behind and no comfortable hotels to escape to. Whether finding local markets to secure dinner or setting up tents on a patch of land, MotoVision2020 will bring the riders right into the heart of the local community. These two and a half months living off the back of motorcycles will allow access into individuals lives.

This is a huge undertaking for every rider. Some are leaving spouses, children and jobs behind for months to bring hope to the ones off the beaten path. Will you help those along the Silk Road and support a rider along the way. Maybe it is $0.01 per mile ($90) or more, either way it is one mile closer to bringing an end to Human Trafficking. We know we are only bringing a small squirt gun to a raging forest fire but if we all bring our squirt guns maybe we can extinguish this atrocity.

Any money given above and beyond what is needed will be pooled and given to organizations fighting trafficking. All motorcycle riders will come up with $19,000 for their trip costs.


All donations are tax deductible either through FECC (Far East Christian Center is a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit) or GoFundMe. 

If you desire to send $1,000 or more please send to: (Leave memo line BLANK and put riders name on a sticky note):

FECC (Far East Christian Center)

PO Box 1062
Montrose CO 81402


Smaller donations can be given through MotoVision2020’s GoFundMe page.







GALA: 8:00 PM



If you are a sponsor of any amount to the MotoVision2020 Ride Against Trafficking, you are invited to attend the after party on the exotic Greek island of Rhodes.  The breathtaking setting on the Mediterranean as well as the gathering and celebration will be a once in a lifetime experience. The after party will start at 10:30PM.  You will be issued a special invite to allow you through the doors.

Separate but part of the same evening is the Greek GALA starting at 8:00PM.  This will include Greek cuisine, drinks, Greek dancers and Greek dancing as well as special prizes. Major sponsors below will automatically receive an invite to both the GALA and the after party. More details below.  GALA tickets can be purchased for $60 which include drinks.


Sponsorship Levels

Per Mile Sponsors: starting at 1 Penny a Mile.   Per mile individual sponsors will receive decals, tee shirts or hats depending upon the amount contributed.

All sponsors will receive special notifications and live views of the riders as they cross Asia.

Individual Sponsors:  Starts at 1 penny a mile, or $90.00 and up.   All sponsors will receive special notifications and links to live views of the ride, the places and the people we meet along the way.  A special invite to the after party will be given to all sponsors.  This will be held after the GALA and will include Greek music, DJs and special prized.

Large Church and Large Individual Sponsors: Those who sponsor this project at $4,500.00 or more.  Each large sponsor will receive a special invite and premium sponsor package that includes four nights and three days at a four-star hotel on the Greek island of Rhodes.  Breakfast and GALA and after party tickets are included.

Business Sponsor:  A Business Sponsorship is $7,500.00 and includes four nights and three days.  Business Sponsors will occupy the second table at the Greek Evening Dinner and Dance GALA.  Logos of the small business will receive prominent places on our website, social media, motorcycles and events, second only to the corporate sponsors.  Breakfast, GALA and after party tickets are included.

Corporate Sponsorship:  The corporate Sponsorship is $20,000.00. Sponsors will receive three rooms, four nights and three days, and occupy the first table at the GALA.  They will help with MC duties and special presentations to those the ride will benefit. Breakfast, GALA and after party tickets are included.

Corporate Sponsors will reside on the same floor or proximity as the riders and have special photo sessions and be included in press meetings. The logos of the business will be prominent on the web site, on video for broadcast, social media and on the evening of the GALA as well as on the motorcycles themselves.

All Sponsorship is tax-deductible.  Make checks out to Far East Christian Center and mail it to attention @ PO Box 1062 Montrose, CO 81402 (Far East Christian Center is a 501 (c)(3) Not for Profit.  All proceeds go directly to the cause. There are no administrative fees other than salary to outside bookkeepers for their time.

Note: Conditions and terms are subject to change without notice.